Jan 19, 2009

UFCW Members Nationwide Participate in MLK Day of Service

UFCW members nationwide are extending a helping hand today to friends, neighbors, and communities as they participate in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.

Just a few of the ways UFCW members are participating:

  • Over 500 members of Locals 5, 400, 655, 888, and 1000 traveled to New Orleans to participate in a two day service project. Members cleaned and restored parks and repaired three homes.

  • Local 1099 members participated in a Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast and commemorative march.

  • Members in Region 1 attended a multicultural, interfaith prayer service and choir concert on behalf of Long Island's working poor

  • Local 5 members and staff in California handed out gold UFCW bags along with Employee Free Choice & Wake-up Walmart materials to freedom train riders. The train travelled from the Diridon Station to San Francisco, CA train station, where riders marched from the train station to the San Francisco Civic Center and attended a program at the civic center on "A Service to Action."

  • Local 770 members attended the MLK Breakfast, coordinated with the L.A. AFL, as well as the Kingdom Day parade. These events included immigrant rights, community and religious organizations.

  • Region 1 members attended a "Celebration of the Man and the Holiday" sponsored by Coney Island C.L.E.A.R.

UFCW members across the country were greatful for the chance to join in the spirit of service embodied by the life and work of Dr. King, and echoed now by President-elect Barack Obama.

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vauniongirl said...

UFCW Local 400 members marched in the annual MLK Parade in Leesburg, VA with the Northern VA Area Labor Federation.

UFCW 400 also marched in the ONLY official Presidential Inaugural Committee Picket Line to support UNITE HERE members at the Capital Airport Hilton in Arlington, VA.