Apr 20, 2010

Happy graduation, class of 2010: you might get to keep your health insurance!

This year's batch of college grads will face pretty dim employment prospects, but there is a silver lining: two of the nation's biggest insurers -- United HealthCare and WellPoint -- have announced that they'll be implementing some elements of the new health care reform law sooner than expected.

Starting today, United HealthCare will allow young adults up to age 26 with no employer-based health care to stay on their parents' plans. WellPoint will put the new regulation into effect on May 1st.

Behemoth insurer United HealthCare estimates their preemptive implementation of the law could bring relief to 150,000 families who'd have to find temporary coverage for their unemployable grads until September, when the change becomes mandatory.

So, rest easier, class of 2010. You are way better off than the class of 2009 was a year ago.

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