May 19, 2010

UFCW Local 5 Organizes 100 New Members in Oakland’s Growing Industry

Local 5 has recorded a string of organizing victories across the medical cannabis industry in Oakland, Calif. in the first two weeks of May. During the campaign, the employers, all subsidiaries of Oaksterdam University, agreed to respect employee wishes for unionization,
remain neutral during the campaign, and allow the employees to sign authorization cards to show their union preference.

Around 100 new Local 5 members fill a variety of roles at Oaksterdam University, and its subsidiaries – the Oakland Cannabis Patient Identification Center and AMCD, Inc. At the Patient Identification Center, health care professionals and support staff evaluate patients and issue state identification cards. Throughout the rest of the company, workers operate two coffee shops, a nursery, multiple dispensaries and a gift shop.

“These workers are knowledgeable and compassionate, and work hard everyday to support their families,” said Local 5 President Ron Lind. “By standing together, they can ensure that these remain good jobs, even as this industry continues to grow in size.”


unions_suck said...

Actually, we employees of Oaksterdam University were railroaded into signing our Union cards; and threatened with dismissal if we didn't join the Union. We never asked for their support, and were pressured by management into joining Local #5.

Dan Rush is a common scum bag.

people power said...
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people power said...

I realize this response is a little late, but I just found this blog. I am a Union supporter through and through. That being said, it is an employees right to choose to be in a Union or not. If you feel you were forced in any way to sign, file a complaint. You have legal protections against retaliation.