Nov 4, 2011

80,000 Jobs is Not Enough to Put America Back to Work

Just out: numbers showing the U.S. added 80,000 jobs during the month of October. And while that's an improvement, it's not nearly enough. Not even close. With such high unemployment in this country, we need a real jobs plan to put Americans back to work, and making American jobs good jobs again. 

But what is Congress doing? Republicans in Congress just shot down yet ANOTHER part of Obama's jobs plan, blocking 60 billion in funds for roads and other infrastructure improvements. And why? Clearly, Republicans are bound and determined to see this country fail in order to try and take down President Obama. What other reason could there be for Republicans in Congress to vote down legislation that's extremely popular with their own constituents? The majority of Americans support the President's jobs bill and especially money for roads, bridges, and the like in their own cities and states. These kinds of jobs would put people back to work and would improve our communities and public safety, too. But Republicans are determined to act irresponsibly, determined to wreck our country's future if it means they can make President Obama a one term president. 

It's disgusting and we need to put pressure on Republicans to start doing the job they were hired to do. Call now and tell your Senator to get serious about jobs - and about putting America back to work.

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