May 17, 2012

UFCW releases new smartphone app!

This week, we released our first ever smartphone app. The new UFCW app is designed to highlight worker voices and connect consumers to union grocery stores nationwide.

For consumers who wish to make informed choices about where they shop, the app is a major development that will support workers who are coming together to preserve good, family-supporting jobs in our communities.

This is all made possible by the app's "Shop Union" feature. Now, anyone in the United States or Canada can pull up driving directions to their nearest union store on their phone- with a push of a button.

The smartphone app will also allow users to be constantly connected with updates from union members, breaking news, and original video. Information about how to take action for working families is at the user's fingertips.

Positive reviews about the app are already coming in from early adopters:

"What a great app! Now I can easily stay informed on the latest union news, and always find the closest union store even when I am on the go.”
“Love the feature where I can search for the nearest union grocery store!”
“Works well and smoothly. Quick download and installation.”
“This is great for finding union grocery stores! We need to support good jobs.”

Download the app from your smartphone today at 

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takeshi007 said...

This could be a good smartphone application for works and employers and I think it is also better if they release an application that can help people find a job.

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