Jun 12, 2012

Take action against privatization in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania House may soon be voting on a bill that would privatize the sale of liquor. Don’t be fooled. This bill doesn’t benefit the people of Pennsylvania – it benefits corporations hoping to pad their profits.

Here’s what’s at stake for working families if this legislation passes:

More cuts to health and education in our communities. Privatizing the sale of liquor would transfer $500 million in revenues away from already cash strapped hospitals and schools.

More suffering for families. Closing state liquor stores will force thousands of workers, who have a union voice on the job with UFCW Local 1776, to lose their jobs.

More pain for consumers. The state of Washington recently passed a liquor privatization law. It resulted in higher liquor prices and less liquor selection. There’s no doubt the same would happen in Pennsylvania.

If you live in Pennsylvania, CLICK HERE to contact your state representative and tell them to get their priorities straight. Let them know that we’ve had it with education funding being cut and jobs being lost.

This bill is tailored to help corporations make more at a time when the working class is suffering and has less than ever. 

We need legislation that promotes opportunities for working class families, not corporations.


sue wilmot said...

It just happened here in Washington state. The stores that sell it have not increased the size of the sales floor, just eliminated some products to make room. They did not need to hire more people. There are not more products to stock just different ones. Privatization here meant less selection and higher prices. And no new jobs. See link http://​seattletimes.nwsource.com/​html/businesstechnology/​2018362915_liquor06.html

city said...

thanks for sharing.