Sep 26, 2007

Young Voters Surge

Politics - for years, young people didn't turn out to vote during elections, because they thought it didn't matter. But our generation is changing things. In the 2004, 49% of those 18-29 voted and in the midterm 2006 election, youth voter turn out increased again.

After a decline in participation in politics after the Vietnam War, it seems young people are now motivated than ever to be apart of the big picture. For 2008, young voters are talking "surge" in voting, that is. The Boston Globe has identified youth voters as a force in the '08 race.

Many young folks 18 to 24 years old say that the terrorist attacks on the U.S., and our nation's response to it, sparked their interest in politics. What’s driving you to vote this year or in 2008? The war? A lack of affordable health care? Do you think young people can make a difference in this election?

To make sure your elected officials hear your voice everyday - not just election day, sign up to be a UFCW Volunteer In Politics.


Anonymous said...

I used to have the same thinking from the other voters before. For the reason that i believe that no good things will happen still if i participate in voting. Until I read an article of one politician i was then encourage that it is my rights and responsibility to vote for my future!


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Margo said...

When I, too, was at that certain age, voting and election did not matter to me that much. I had a fun life to live and who cares about who wins or not. It has never crossed my mind that the single vote i cast would mean a difference no only for me but for all. Now that I am more conscious about my social responsibility, never would I take for granted again any vote during elections.

Margo from Porte coulissante placard