Jan 15, 2008

Union Membership = $$$ Saved

Combating the rising cost of, well...everything, can be difficult. Union members looking for savings on all things from home insurance to cellular phone service should check out unionplus.org.

Dropped yours cell phone one too many times?
Visit AT&T Wireless, the only unionized wireless company, offers 10 percent savings on individual or family contracts and additional savings on new equipment. The “more bars in more places” company even offers union members a free ringtone.

Have a valentine?
Send flowers for 20% off and order conveniently online. (We promise not to tell your significant other you're cheap).

Insurance for your house, your life, even your dog: available at with some savings. Join a gym, replace those busted-up jeans or upgrade your computer.

With your union card in your pocket you can buy a car, insure it, wreck it, get it towed and find a lawyer to help in court all at a discount.

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luan said...

Nice offers from Union Membership.
This will help a lot for saving $$$. It is hard to earn money and having a good bank membership is a plus.

Trishia from lit pliant