Feb 14, 2008

UFCW Endorses Obama

It's official--the UFCW is endorsing Senator Barack Obama for president in 2008!

In a statement to the press, Joe Hansen, president of UFCW International, had the following to say about the endorsement:

"UFCW members are energized to seize [the opportunity this election] to change America and restore the American Dream for workers and their families....We are the largest union of young workers with more than forty percent of our members under the age of thirty. Senator Obama’s message of changing hope into reality has inspired our members, particularly our young members, across the country.

We have the utmost respect for Senator Clinton and her tireless efforts on behalf of working people. And while both Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have a vision to change America, we believe that Senator Obama is the best candidate to build a movement to unite our country that will deliver the type of change that is needed – for good jobs, affordable health care, retirement security and worker safety."

Click here for the full press release

1 comment:

Grace said...

I think Americans should be thankful because even in their young age they can apply for a job. They can work in their young age. Their visions are really inspiring, they prioritize what is best for everyone.

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