May 1, 2008

Guest Blog: Why Young Workers Need a Union

Over the next several weeks the UFCW will post a new guest blog each Thursday. These blogs are written by members, activists and organizers working to unite young workers. Let us know what you think. Our first blog Why Young Workers Need a Union was written by Brendan Sexton from UFCW Local 1500.

Why Young Workers Need a Union

The political firestorm of 2008 is fully upon us.

All the candidates fling mud at each other, but who really gets dirty?

Not the candidates, but hard-working Americans.

Issues American workers really face are never addressed, unless presidential candidates are forced to face those issues.

Unions have been holding elected leaders and business leaders responsible for their actions for decades, but with good, solid Union jobs being sent overseas, it is becoming less and less.

Like our grandparents and great-grandparents did seventy years ago, we, as young workers, have to again, organize into Unions, so we can attain the benefits that come with organizing.

We are not going to be young forever.

Who is going to secure a better future for us?

CEO’s making millions and millions of dollars a year won’t.

Politicians taking the CEO’s money won’t.

But we -- young workers -- can, through organizing into Unions, make work pay

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