Jun 6, 2008

Do Not Try This at Work

It’s about that time again. It’s summer and young people are starting to look for summer jobs. It’s also the time where many young workers are injured on the job. But have no fear; “No Jack” is here. In May, Montana State Fund launched a young workers safety campaign and they are calling it “No Jack.”

The campaign is designed to capture the attention of young workers and educate them on safety in the workplace. To do so, they encourage young workers to upload videos of themselves doing stupid stunts like the ones found on MTV’s “Jackass.” Seriously. At the end of the video it says, “Don’t Be A Jackass At Work”. That doesn’t mean you shouldn't be one at home. According to MSF, these videos will “get young workers thinking about training procedures, equipment use and safety awareness.Plus, it will help employers learn to talk to young workers in a relatable way.” That is, if you don't kill yourself making one first.

MSF is the states largest workers’ compensation insurance company with more than 28,000 policy holders. Nearly 1,000 young workers in Montana ages 16 to 24 are injured on the job each year. Statistics show that same age group accounts for 17percent of the states' workforce but account for 22 percent of insurance claims. While some accidents at work can be the result of "Jackass-like" behavior, much is due to employer error to train, provide safety equipment, and protect their employees. MSF is hoping that “No Jack” young workers safety campaign will change the statistics for the better.

If you are a Montana resident, you can enter to win one of four Wii game systems for taking the "No Jack" quiz. The contest runs May 21-June 22 and the Wii game system will be given away in June. On the site, you can get free "accident" ring tones, safety tips and real life stories of injured young workers.

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