Jul 21, 2008

7 Questions Job Seekers Need to Ask

Can't find a job? As the unemployment rate rises and the economy is becoming weaker, finding a job is getting to be even harder for young adults. The job market is more competitive which means, everyone will need to step their game up. It used to be just who you know, but now it’s who knows you. ABC News has compiled a list of 7 questions job seekers should ask themselves in order to secure a promising job placement.

Want a job that makes you happy every time you must go to work? First, ask yourself some important questions. One is, “Am I looking in the right place?” You might not want to be looking for a job in an industry that is in turmoil. You’ll be setting yourself up for failure. Another question is, “Am I memorable?” Of course you don’t want to go to an interview in sweats and a T-Shirt. Yeah, you’ll definitely be memorable but, not in a good way. Think of something unique that will make you stand out. One college student created a magazine about herself; skills and references. I bet employers will definitely remember that.

So, if you want a job you could be happy with, ask yourself some questions first.

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