Jul 14, 2008

Young Adults Encouraged to Enter Civil Rights Contest

YouTube and the National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights are launching a video contest to promote civil rights. Contestants must be between the ages of 16 and 25, a category largely made up of students. Each video entry should last no more than two minutes and should address this question: “What are you and your generation doing for civil rights?” The National Campaign believes that court decisions over the past 10 years are eroding civil rights. Among the cases it cites are Jennings v. University of North Carolina (sexual harassment case against a university coach but, court turned student away) and Litman v. George Mason University (sexual harassment case against university teacher but, the student loss against the university).

You must fill out a registration form and enter the contest by July 31st. The grand prize winner will receive a trip to New York City and the three runners up will receive a video camera.

So, visit http://www.rollbackcampaign.org/ to learn more about the contest rules and hurry up and enter your own 2 minute video on what you and your generation are doing for civil rights. Why not? Everyone likes vacations and cool toys!

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