Aug 11, 2008

What about the Freedom of Choice?

America…the land of opportunity. Here, we get the freedom of speech, religion, expression but; what about the freedom of choice…union representation, that is. Big businesses like Wal-Mart have deprived their employees of the freedom of choice according to accusations that corporate giants like Wal-Mart; interfere in the certification voting process by intimidating workers with threats of job losses.

The Employee Free Choice Act, which is backed by Senator Barack Obama, is percieved as a threat by these big businesses. In Quebec, employees have the option to join a union when the majority of workers want to, and they are guaranteed a first contract. This is unlike the United States where workers have to go through a lengthy process to gain union representation. The Employee Free Choice Act will simplify the process and give employees to have a chance for union representation.

In other words, the Employee Free Choice Act would level the playing fields for working people and big businesses…and this scares them to death. As a result, these giants and supporters are expecting to spend millions in an effort to block this bill from passing.

Sign up, to show your support in passing the Employee Free Choice Act.

Big businesses like Wal-Mart have for a long time opposed the Employee Free Choice Act. Recently, Wal-Mart has denied holding secret mandatory meetings with its department and store managers, threatening that if they vote for Barack Obama, the Employee Free Choice Act will pass, which allows employees to negotiate for better wages, benefits and working conditions. Political voter intimidation could be breaking the law so, join Wake Up Wal-Mart in asking the FEC to investigate Wal-Mart’s intimidation stunt.

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