Sep 3, 2008

Massive Raid on Suspected Protesters

Did we miss the memo? Is peaceful protesting illegal now? In Minneapolis, protesters have been targeted by very intimidating police officers that bombarded their way into their homes, handcuffed them, had them on the floor, raided their houses and seized personal property.

All because they were suspected of planning a non-violent political protest. It is still legal to do so, right?

These police teams of about 20 to 30 men had black masks on, black swat gear, drawn out large semi-automatic rifles and demands the residents to lie on the floor while they searched the houses. The officers refused to state why they were and in some cases, they didn’t even show a search warrant until after they took personal computers/laptops, journals and political materials. They even used code names like Terminator.

Clearly, these police officers were trying to intimidate these young politically aware protesters and that’s not cool!

You can watch some of the raids for yourself:

One thing is for sure, no matter what anyone’s political views are, they can not be persecuted for participating in legal political actions such as protests!

Video of another house that was raided: Bruce Nester

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Bigmike said...

They planned on kidnapping someone. The only reason they were protesting the Republican Convention was because they assume Obama wants to end the war in Iraq. Truth is he wants to wait until he can do it.