Oct 2, 2008

Palin vs. Biden, go!

In case you somehow escaped the swarm of media speculation, the vice-presidential debates are just a few, short hours away.

This is our chance to see Biden and Palin match wits in a formal setting. This is our chance to hear where Palin stands on the issues, if she has a stance, or if she can tap dance around having to admit what her stance is.

It will be curious to see what she has to say since she really hasn’t articulated a clear position on most of the important issues concerning working people. That might make her a safe choice for VP, but the possibility of having a vice president that hasn’t formally said what kind of advocate she’s going to be if she makes it into the White House is downright scary.

We do know she was elected governor of Alaska in 2006 and prior to that was mayor for six years of a town with a population 10,000. And nothing against small-town America, but that doesn’t inspire confidence that she is ready to lead an entire country-- let alone the fact that by the end of her tenure as mayor, the town had racked up $20 million in debt.

So as you watch the debates, keep this in mind. If something happens to the president and either Biden or Palin has to step in, which candidate would be better equipped to lead us out of this economic mess we are in? Who would better represent the U.S. abroad? Who do you trust to show the visionary leadership we need to get us out of the Bush quagmire and restore the American dream to the people of this country?

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