Nov 19, 2008

CEOs Admit: "We Like Driving the Car"

When it comes to Employee Free Choice, CEOs have finally been caught without the spin filter on. In today's Wall Street Journal, Thomas Frank makes it clear that majority sign up is "about power. Management has it, workers don't, and business doesn't want that to change."

Just listen to what Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott said at a recent analyst meeting, when asked about majority sign up, according to Frank:

"We like driving the car and we're not going to give the steering wheel to anybody but us."

Or how about a this hyperbolic statement from Home Depot Cofounder and former CEO Bernie Marcus:

"This is how a civilization disappears. I'm sitting here as an elder statesman, and I'm watching this happen, and I don't believe it."

He apparently doesn't think our current economic crisis is anything to blink at. But oh, man, if more people start joining unions--if more people have health care, and pensions, and a living wage--then we're really done for.

These CEOs aren't interested in what's best for workers, like they claim to be. What they're interested in is one thing, and one thing only--keeping all the power, influence, and money in the hands of employers. When workers are able to join a union, then employers starting fretting about having their unlimited power taken away.

Too bad for them. But good for American workers. Employee Free Choice will strengthen our middle class and help restore the balance to our economy. And if that means no more multi-million dollar bonuses for greedy execs--well, I guess that's why, according to Frank, Marcus also said that any retailer who doesn't give money to anti-Employee Free Choice candidates and causes "should be shot, should be thrown out of their godamn jobs."

Guess that pretty much says it all.

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