Nov 26, 2008

Jeff the Trucker

Forget Joe the Plumber. One of America's real working class heroes is Jeff the truck driver.

Jeff Wallace, 43, has been on the picket lines for six weeks. He's fighting for good healthcare for his kids and to make sure he has something to walk away with when he retires from his grueling job for Oak Harbor Freight Lines in Seattle, where he's worked for about 14 years.

This week Jeff was hit on the picket line by a replacement worker in a pick-up truck who then drove away. Jeff went to the hospital but said he's still not giving up. He'll stay out on the line as long as it takes.

Huffington Post

Oak Harbor workers, members of the Teamsters, have been on strike now for over 8 weeks. This holiday season, send a message of support. Tell Oak Harbor to do the right thing, stop violating worker's rights.

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