Jan 6, 2009

Outta the Way, Young Whippersnapper!

Young workers have a new challenge in the workplace: Old People.

Actually, it's more experienced workers.

As the recession deepens, unemployment among teenagers is as high as its been in over 60 years. Retirees, uable to live on thier savings along with college grads, many of whom can't find employment in their fields, have both started taking suplimental jobs in the service industry. Jobs that historically have been the starting point for younger workers. Economist Andrew Sum calls it the "Bump-down" effect.

An article on youth employment in the Las Vegas Sun paints a pretty grim picture:
Studies show minorities and teens from low-income families are disproportionately affected, and Sum predicts the trend, if allowed to continue, will create a new underclass of American youth.
Yikes. A generation of workers without jobs. What's needed to ensure that younger workers are getting the skills and experience needed for future work? What jobs are teens better suited for than college grads or retirees? Share your ideas here!

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DrewCaesar said...

I guess what this really means is that young workers had better be prepared to become even more in debt for grad school!