Jan 22, 2009

Today in Labor History

During our historic moment, it's important to remember all the struggles of those who have come before us. This week in labor history:
  • World famous labor organizer & songster Joe Hill is arrested in Salt Lake City, Utah (1915)
  • Twenty rioting strikers were shot by factory guards at Roosevelt, N.J. (1915)
  • 3,000 members of the Filipino Federation of Labor strike the plantations of Oahu, Hawaii. Their ranks swell to 8,300 as they were joined by members of the Japanese Federation of Labor (1920)
  • Bruce Springsteen makes an unannounced appearance at a benefit for laid-off 3M workers, Asbury Park, NJ (1986)
Thanks to the DC Labor Council for providing the info: More info & ammo for unionists is available online from Union Communication Services and from the 2009 Slingshot Collective Organizer booklet.