May 26, 2009

Health Care Battle Heats Up on Capitol Hill

The battle on health care is heating up between Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill. Republicans have proposed a health care plan with numerous flaws that will continue to hurt working America. Among other problems with their health care plan: they want employer provided benefits to be taxed as income to help fund the nation’s health care system.

Every 30 seconds someone goes bankrupt due to the high cost of health care. Taxing health care benefits this will only extend the current crisis.

Republicans also believe implementing a “trigger” proposal will help the health care crisis. Of course, a trigger proposal is not effective if the trigger never gets pulled. What this plan is really doing is not giving people the freedom to choose a health care plan that they feel best suits them and their needs and raising the cost of much needed health insurance.

This is not the correct approach to mending the broken health care system. It will only continue to drive more people away from affordable health insurance. Having a health care plan where no one is left out is what we truly need. People should have options when it comes to health care such as private insurance plans, keeping your current plan, or public health insurance that offers affordable coverage.

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