Jun 10, 2009

American Prospect Turns the Limelight on Working Women

It’s time to draw attention to the vast majority of women who get overlooked in the discussion about working women. Women who work as caregivers, night- shift workers, housecleaners, etc need to be recognized just as much as their high-powered, professional peers.

The American Prospect is doing a five-article series on working women, specifically bringing to people’s attention the women who don’t have the option to “opt out” of work.

Most families can no longer afford the cost of living without the woman of the household bringing in a steady income. Families are relying now, more then ever, on women bringing home a paycheck. As author Ann Friedman says, “The recession is an opportune moment to refocus that narrative about women and work on the majority of women who work- those who don’t have multiple degrees or high- power careers.”

All working people should read this article and the others in the series, which helps shine light on the truth about working women.

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