Jun 18, 2009

GOP scare tactics fail against public option

What do you do when your fear appeals are no longer working in your fight to stop Americans from getting the health care reform they want? Most people would think about changing tactics, but not the GOP! In an new NBC/WSJ poll it is clear that the American public supports a public plan.

From the Wall Street Journal.

"There was also support for the Democratic push to let people sign up for a public health-care plan that would compete with private companies, one of the toughest issues in the health-care debate. Three in four people said a public plan is extremely or quite important."

This is from a paper whose editorial board hates the idea of a public option, who today gave Karl Rove space for an op-ed to say that the plan was a bad idea and use scare-tacticy phrases like "nationalization."

So what's going on? How can a paper print poll results on one page which clearly demonstrate that the public is indeed in the mood for a drastic change in current coverage, that 75% Americans believe that a public plan for health insurance is a good idea, and then print GOP scare tactics on their op-ed page?

Goes to show: the same poll finds that only 25% of Americans hold a positive view of the Republican party. That's an all-time-low for what was once the party of Lincoln.

The scare tactics that the GOP is using against the public health care option are failing and making the party look bad in the process.

The poll also shows that people don't want their benefits to be taxed, that maybe increasing taxes on the wealthiest among us is a better idea. We couldn't agree more!

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