Jun 3, 2009

Not Such Bright Bulbs at Morning Joe

A funny thing happened this morning. During a rather lopsided discussion about unions, the folks at Morning Joe pretended to try really, really hard to think of ANY successful unionized companies. But they couldn't name a single one. They hemmed and hawed and got these strained looks on their faces--but nope. Couldn't come up with one. Not even the company that owns NBC--GE.

What a bunch of dim bulbs.

After all, almost anyone could probably name at least a few successful unionized companies--companies that not only survive, but thrive with a terrific union workforce. Folks have been suggesting many of these companies to add to Talking Points Memo's post on the subject.

You can find the growing list here.

UPDATE: Sorkin apologizes. Good on him--but what about Joe, Mika, and Mike?

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Maura Pond said...

I think Joe Scarborough himself said it best himself back in December:

“You’ve got good young reporters, men and women I respect, but young reporters that have no idea what it’s like to be a marine, have no idea what it is like to be a working class guy in Detroit, have no idea what it is to struggle and try to feed your family of 5 on a small salary. They can’t understand it. There is a huge cultural divide between people who write the news, deliver the news, and the people who work every day for a living and fight our wars and keep us free.”


For that matter, Joe spouted a few other pearls that show:

“We trash our workers. Why is it that the media has bought into the Wall Street lie that if we try to protect our workers then we are protectionists and we are knuckle-dragging Neanderthals?”

“The Japanese will protect their industries. They will protect their workers, but they know that Americans are idiots. That Americans will say ‘Oh we can’t fight for our workers because if we do that then we’re protectionists. We’re Herbert Hoovers.’ That is the great lie that has destroyed our manufacturing base.”