Jun 1, 2009

Rep. Don Young: Defender of Employee Free Choice?

Well, well. Representative Don Young (R-Alaska) has come out in defense of the Employee Free Choice Act. And no, you didn't just read that wrong. As Greg Sargent notes:
GOP Rep Don Young isn’t exactly known for his reluctance to toe the Republican line on key issues. So it’s kind of a big deal that he has openly broken with his colleagues when it comes to their leading talking point against the Employee Free Choice Act: The claim that it would eliminate the “secret ballot” option for joining unions.
The Anchorage Daily News reports that Young made the comments at a gathering of "Alaskans for Liberty" last Thursday. Apparently, after the outspoken Republican was asked about "card check legislation," Young said this:
I believe in unions. I believe in working people. They say the secret ballot is eliminated. That's not true. A secret ballot can be requested.
So there you have it, folks. Even Rep. Don Young says the "no secret ballot" argument is bunk.

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