Jun 24, 2009

Unions Members Confront Gov. Ritter Over Broken Promises

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter's in town today, fundraising for his re-election campaign. So some union members from his own state, along with supporters here and from Colorado, have decided to ask Ritter about his refusal to support Colorado's working families.

So why do union members feel betrayed by Ritter? Despite promises to the contrary, Ritter has vetoed bills that would allow Colorado's fire fighters to form unions and provide unemployment compensation to workers locked out by employers during contract disputes.

UFCW members from Local 7 in Colorado and the Colorado Professional Fire Fighters (IAFF), along with supporters, are holding informational pickets today to remind the governor of the hard-working Coloradans he has forgotten as he raises money from his big-spending lobbyist donors.

Hopefully, their efforts will jog his memory a little. You know, help him remember who he's supposed to be working for.

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