Jul 2, 2009

UFCW Members Speak Out On Health Care Reform

UFCW members were on Capitol Hill last week to lobby their elected officials and speak out about the importance of health care reform.


The Heavy Metal Store said...

For many years, I have been suffering from hearing impairment. I was a child at age 3 when my parents found out I was Hard of hearing. Today it makes even more difficult when it come to healthcare to help with my current Physical and mental state. I don't even have money to go the doctors. Yes I have Health insurance, but with the rise in cost in the economy it is causing me to just want to give up sometimes.

N said...
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Anonymous said...

It was boiling that day... I was bussed in, and there were thousands and thousands of people there, despite the heat.

Wasn't able to hear a lot of what the speakers were saying above the crowd, but the message was usually the same: affordable health care now.

It got repetitive at times, but it was for good reasons, cause some changes were needed. I know too many people who are afraid to spend the money on a doctor. They just wait it out and wait it out. Cleaning jobs are a perfect example of this: I have a few friends who are in cleaning, and that stuff kills your knees.

But their job doesn't give them enough money for the huge premiums of insurance, and insurance wouldn't cover them anyway, because they'll say they had the problem before they signed up. So, I'm wondering how people in this kind of situation are expected to get by under the current system.

The current system's a mess, and any change at this point would be for the better.

Amber Sparks, UFCW said...

Yeah, sometimes we have to repeat the message over and over again for it to be heard--but like you both said, 6p011570d406a4970c and The Heavy Metal Store, it's not been heard so far. So we just have to keep on saying it, louder and louder, until the politicians have no choice but to pay attention.