Jul 6, 2009

Workers Deserve the Freedom to Choose a Union at PriceRite

Former PriceRite workers, community members, UFCW members and union supporters gathered at PriceRite stores in Mass., Conn., R.I., and New York to ask the company to allow workers the freedom to choose a union.

This Fourth of July, as communities and families celebrate America's independence, the former PriceRite workers said they hoped the company would live up to its claim to be "an American company" and respect workers' freedom.

As the Connecticut Post reported, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Mayor Bill Finch spoke in support of workers and good jobs at the PriceRite rally. Also there to support workers : state Rep. Christopher Caruso, D-Bridgeport, State Rep. Ezequiel Santiago, D-Bridgeport, and City Councilman Carlos Silva, D-136.

Finch, Silva and Caruso spoke about good jobs in the community, and said that worker should be able to make a living wage at PriceRite. Finch:
I'm not here to tell Price Rite how to run their business, but I support the right to vote a union in.
And Silva on PriceRite stores in his community:
"I love them being here," said Silva of the more than 100 jobs Price Rite has created and the taxes it pays. "But people who are working here are giving a lot for a little . . . I'm just looking to have them pay a living wage."

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