Sep 10, 2009

Obama's Speech "A Clarion Call for Reform"

Missed Obama's speech last night on health care reform? You can check out the whole thing here.

UFCW members and health care reform advocates were reassured to hear the substance of the speech : a reform message and defense of the public option, a reassurance to President Obama's allies on health care, and a rebuke to those who continue to block real reform. Richard Kirsch, National Campaign Manager for Health Care for America Now, on President Obama's speech:

President Obama issued a clarion call for reforms that will guarantee all Americans have good, affordable coverage, directly taking on the insurance industry that wants to protect its profits and his political opponents who are engaging in fear-mongering for partisan purposes. He reaffirmed his support for the reforms that are essential to achieving his goals: assuring that people get good health coverage at work; strict regulation of the insurance industry; competition between private insurers and a new public health insurance option; and shared responsibility between individuals, employers and government in paying for coverage. The President reminded us that those who have opposed government programs like Social Security and Medicare in the past are once again working to deny history.

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