Sep 30, 2009

Walmart Tops State Assistance Rolls in Ohio

Free enterprise isn't really free enterprise when American taxpayers are subsidizing corporations.

But in Ohio, responsible employers are being undercut by irresponsible big businesses who rely on the state to make up for the wages or health care they don’t provide to their workers.

And no surprise to regular readers of this blog--Walmart is at the top of the list.

A new report released by Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, and promoted by the Ohio UFCW locals shows that Walmart has more employees on any kind of state assistance than any other employer. In fact, about 28% of Walmart's employees are on Medicaid alone! That's not counting Walmart workers on food stamps, CHIP, or other numerous taxpayer-funded program.

The truth of the matter, is that Walmart's "competitive" business model can't compete without taxpayer subsidies. All of us have to bear the burden for their irresponsible corporate behavior--and that's unfair to responsible corporate citizens who compete with Walmart AND provide affordable, quality health care to their employees.

So Walmart must change its ways. And as we look at health care reform, we need to make sure any reform includes strong employer responsibility provisions.

We need to make sure that Walmart and other companies can't shirk their responsibilities and force responsible companies into an unfair situation.


Virginia said...

Walmart isn't going to change its ways when it comes to employee wages and benefits. Walmart's first priority is PROFITS.

Elected State and National politicians need to change their ways by increasing the minimum wage per hour to a reasonable level so that working American men and woman can afford the cost of living in our nation's recession.
Virginia, Upper Eastside, Manhattan

frharry said...

Actually, Walmart makes their profits in the context of governmental regulation or lack thereof. If we see that the current context is not working, it is the obligation of government to change it so that there actually is "liberty and justice for all," not something we simply tell ourselves. Raising the minimum wage may be a step in the right direction but it's only a step. The entire way we do business in America is in need of serious review. Free market fundamentalism is at least as pathological as any of the political or religious varieties.

小小彬 said...


Russell said...

Wal-Mart as well as most companies concern is Profits. Without a healthy bottom line there is no company or jobs for the people that need them

Before everyone starts in on Wal-Mart, the reason they are probably top on the assistant rolls in Ohio is because they probably employee more people than any other single company in Ohio. I would rather see that list with a percentage of workers at each company that is on assistance then you will see the real picture.

And let's not forget why we are in this recession for those of you that don't know WHAT WASHINGTON DOES NOT WANT US TO KNOW.

I was naive a lot of years then I found out the explanation why our economy fails, and have put up audio clips on a web page.

Our own government has orchestrated bubbles in our economy that crashes Wall Street and helps the elitist become richer. Their goal is to crush the middle class like you and me.

You think this is not happening ??

I have audio clips that explains how they do it, and other audio clips catching certain congressman lying to us.

The audio clips are at

Let's don't be naive. Blame those who are really at fault

Tracy said...

i think we should vote with our dollars. I've found that the most outspoken people against Walmart shop there weekly. Might as well take advantage of the situation, eh? My own fiance doesn't see the harm either and shops there weekly. Sometimes I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. it's way worse than you think - Check ...