Sep 17, 2009

Why the Baucus Bill is No Good for Working Americans

Senator Baucus's health care bill is the talk of the town in Washington, D.C. today, and around the country as Americans wonder what this bill would mean for them. UFCW members should know that in the UFCW's opinion, this is not a good bill.

In a statement released today, we stated that:

Rather than advancing the goals of making health care more affordable for working Americans and controlling the spiraling costs of insurance, the bill by Senator Max Baucus aggravates an already dire situation.

This bill encourages large employers to duck responsibility for providing health care to their workers, potentially passes on thousands of dollars in premiums onto hardworking middle class families, and raises taxes on the few who may still have benefits. With no public option to keep insurance companies honest, these premiums will suck up an ever-increasing share of a worker's salary, while reducing benefits in their plan.

As President Hansen said:

There is another more productive, more prudent path. Thanks to the hard work of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee and the U.S. House of Representatives--we know that we can do better. We can have a solution to this health care crisis based on shared responsibility, lower costs for working Americans, and better, more efficient, health care for all.

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