Oct 7, 2009

Saving Good Jobs: Guest Blog from UFCW Local 5

UFCW Local 5's Tony Alexander has written a guest blog for MyUFCW on his local's recent actions to save good jobs in California:

On TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6, AT 3PM, We held a rally in front of Salinas City Hall, 200 Lincoln Avenue, to let the City Council and our community know that we will NOT stand idly by and let Wal-Mart steal our jobs like a thief in the night. Walmart’s plans for 2 supercenters with over 60,000 square feet of food and grocery items are now prepared and sitting in the City’s Planning Department awaiting the rubber stamp of the Mayor and Walmart’s city council supporters.

We have to save good jobs. We need employers that will offer competitive wages and provide health care to their employees. We do not want to see small 'Mom & Pop Shops' close down. We've seen it happen. It is inevitable if Walmart has their way.

We had a great turn out and support of UFCW 5 members many community members, SEIU, Plumbers and Steamfitters, Labors, and Teamsters letting the Salinas Mayor and city council know not to let Walmart expand. Great job Salinas community.

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