Oct 28, 2009

Trick or Treats--Union Made

Jason Lefkowitz from CTW has a great post up today over at Today'sWorkplace.org. In it, he lets people know where they can go to buy union made Halloween candy this year. After all,
why give your money to a company that treats its workers like Oompa-Loompas? They were slaves who got paid in beans, remember! (Don’t be fooled by their catchy songs; that’s just a show they put on for the boss. You should hear the things they say about him in the break room.)
Instead, head over to Union Plus and check out the list of candy made by UFCW, UFW, and BCTGM members. Go ahead--it's okay to indulge your sweet tooth at this time of year. Just make sure it's satiated with union made goodies. Even through your sugar high, you'll feel good knowing you're supporting American workers and good jobs.

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