Oct 21, 2009

Union Plus Scholarships: Apply Now!

One of the most popular pages on the UFCW.org web site is the UFCW Scholarship page. And for good reason: the United Food and Commercial Workers has one of the youngest memberships of any union and our members are often likely to be of college age or have children they want to send to school.

But did you know that along with the scholarships offered by the UFCW itself, members and dependents are eligible for scholarships through Union Plus?

Union Plus is part of Union Privilege, which provides consumer benefits for union members and dependents throughout the entire labor movement. If you don't know about them, take a minute to check out the stuff they offer: great rates on insurance, discounts on theme park tickets, bargains at Powell's, and a lot more.

Last year UFCW members and dependents Christa E. Moore, John Ertl, Colin T. Hirsch, Corey Campbell, Katie Christensen, Matthew J. D’Armi, Taylor Reckert, Christopher Hernandez, and Jacquelyn McGinnis all received Union Plus Scholarships totaling more than $13 thousand!

And while you're looking at stuff on the internet, why not go over and become a fan of the Union Plus Facebook page? Union Plus is giving $100 to the Union SAFE fund for every member who becomes a fan. The Union SAFE fund gives grants to union members during times of hardship.

The $100 that's donated for you simply clicking on a link is going to make a huge difference in the life of a union member somewhere, so take a minute and become a fan.

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Callie said...

Union Plus has attacked its customers in good standing with a 30% interest rate and refuses to help in any way. How can you support a credit card company who does this to its members?