Jan 13, 2010

Hey, UFCW Members--are you a Fan of Wake Up Walmart Yet?

Wake Up Walmart has launched a new Facebook page!

Now most groups have a Facebook page. If you're using social networks, you most likely have gotten requests to join pages on sites like Facebook and wondered if it was worth your time. And we value your time, to be sure. So why should you join the Wake Up Walmart page instead of say, the Keyboard Cat Fan Page (though really, you could join both)?

The difference between joining the Wake Up Walmart page and any other group is the opportunities that it is going to give you to become active in the fight to keep good paying jobs and local business in your community. It is going to let you know what you can do to keep industry standards for wages, health care, sick days, and working condition high. And it is going to let you get up to the minute news on the Wake Up Walmart campaign and the Walmart company itself. You can also connect with Wake Up Walmart supporters and share your ideas and stories.

So head on over to Facebook and check it out. Don't worry, Wake Up Walmart promises not to be spammy!

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