Jan 6, 2010

Is Whole Foods Bad for the Planet?

Mother Jones asks the question in a fascinating new article, pointing out that even Walmart has a better track record on the environment than Whole Foods in ways that matter. An excerpt from the piece:

The company, which pulls in $4 billion a year, does try to promote itself as a firm that cares about the environment. Its official blog touts climate-related causes like rainforest preservation, waste reduction, and the awareness about carbon footprint of food. During my last visit to the store, I was urged to sign up to receive my shopping receipts via email, to save paper. But their focus is on what customers can do to reduce their impact—including in one post an admonition to "vote with your dollars" by shopping at local and at socially-conscious businesses.

The company ranked among the biggest purchasers of green power last year, but neither the company nor its CEO has advocated for environmental policies in line with the views held by their customer base.

Maybe progressives and folks who care about the environment need to rethink shopping at Whole Foods.

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this article says nothing, has no argument, no proof of anything