Feb 24, 2010

Millions to join "Virtual March" for health care reform.

Get it done. Get it done. Get it done.

I don' t know how many more times Congress needs to hear it before they start listening, but if it takes a million, that's what we're going to do.

Join today's Virtual March!

Here's the scene here in DC:

Melanie's March - a group of insurance industry survivors who walked 135 miles from Philadelphia to Washington - arrives in DC today. They'll tell their stories and send our message directly to Majority Leader Harry Reid, who's greeting them when they arrive. And tomorrow, leaders in Congress will meet at the White House with President Obama to decide the fate of health reform.

Meanwhile, today, we are going to make sure Congress gets the message. Together with MoveOn.org and a dozen other partners, we're going to send a million messages to Congress will today via phone, fax, email, Facebook, Twitter and petition.

This is huge. And we are running out of time. Tomorrow is the President's health care summit. If you haven't called Congress yet, this could be your last chance to do so. They need to hear from you because the opposition has a lot of dollars they are trying to drown us out with.

Today's partners released the following joint statement:

“As Washington plays politics as usual instead of fixing our broken system, people are dying. Americans simply cannot wait for comprehensive health care reform - it's time for Congress to stand up to Big Insurance and their conservative allies, and get reform done right. During the Virtual March for Real Health Care Reform, we'll send a million messages to Congress to make sure they know that voters want them to get to work and get health care done. Our message is simple: It's time for Washington to stop stalling. Pass real health care reform now.”

While you might not be marching from Philadelphia to DC, and you might not be invited to the President's health care summit, you can still make your voice heard.

Join today's Virtual March!

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