Mar 22, 2010

What a Weekend!

  • The House passed the Senate's health care reform bill and sent it to the President for his signature. They also passed a package of changes to the bill, which the Senate will vote on soon, maybe this week.

  • Health care reform wasn't the only public policy matter on Washington's mind yesterday; over on the National Mall, UFCW members were among the 200,000 marching for immediate action on immigration reform.

  • The FDA announced a major recall of products flavored with hydrolyzed vegetable protein made by Basic Food Flavors. The HVP is in a ton of popular snack foods and condiments, but the good news is, there is a searchable database of the products are being recalled.

  • This year is putting the 'madness' in March Madness. If you're bracket is obliterated, you're not alone.

1 comment:

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