May 10, 2010

What just happened?! Monday is the new Friday edition

The news knows no weekend...

  • President Obama nominated Solicitor General Elena Kagen for the Supreme Court seat Justice John Paul Stevens plans to vacate this year. On Sunday night, the prediction of this news became news. So, if your first thought when you read this was, "Who?" -- time to read up!
  • It wasn't just any Sunday. It was Mothers Day. What did you do for the mother in your life? Some moms in Chicago used the occasion to urge an end to the gun violence that claims the lives of dozens of children every year.
  • Meanwhile, Oakland A's pitcher Dallas Braden pitched the 19th perfect game in major league baseball history, dedicating the performance to his late mother, and his grandmother, who was in the stands.
  • More news from Sunday: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the Taliban in Pakistan planned and financed the failed bombing attempt in Times Square last week.
  • Paul Krugman singles out the only pertinent common thread connecting Hurricane Katrina and the oil spill in the gulf, and it's just too perfect to paraphrase: "the collapse in government competence and effectiveness that took place during the Bush years."
  • Hmmm, remember when financial reform was picking up momentum in the Senate? That seems like ages ago, we know. What ever happened with that? Oh, yeah, Wall Street lobbyists are trying to kill derivatives reform, which would force banks to choose between trading derivatives (a high-risk activity) and enjoying federal deposit insurance.
  • R.I.P Lena Horne. The legendary jazz vocalist died Sunday at the age of 92.
  • At least 33 states will allow overseas and military voters to cast votes by email or fax in November, hoping to avoid some of the problems overseas voters faced in 2008.

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