May 14, 2010

What we're reading: May 14, 2010

As Facing South reports, hundreds of workers at Delta Pride Catfish, Inc. in Indianola, Mississippi may soon be forced to go out on strike to protect their livelihoods. This whole article is worth a read, especially if you're interested in the history of labor conflict in largely black parts of the south. But the details of the contract offer workers are considering striking over really merit a block quote:
"The contract would create a seven-day work week, delete daily overtime, double the probationary period for new hires to six months, reduce seniority benefits, give the company free reign in contracting out work, triple worker contributions to company health insurance over a three-year period, allow the company to withdraw from the pension plan with 30 days notice, and eliminate severance pay if the plant closes."
There are 8 concessions in that one sentence. Disgraceful.

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