Jun 7, 2010

New college degree programs for union members

Here’s a good factoid for UFCW members to keep in mind: employees with a bachelor’s degree earn 62% more than those with a high school diploma alone. But we all know, college degrees haven’t always been easy to come by, especially for working Americans. The National Labor College (NLC) is working to change that.

NLC is devoted to educating union members, leaders, and staff, and it’s about to start offering new, online programs to help busy union members conveniently complete their college education from home for less than $10,000. A college degree can help union members expand their job skills, increase salary, enhance job security, and improve job satisfaction. And with the NCL’s program, you won’t have to quit your job to get an education.

For more information on college degree programs for union members, visit http://www.unionplus.org/forms/nlc.

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