Jun 3, 2010

Send us your political action stories!

It’s been an incredible two years since the last election cycle went into full swing and UFCW members helped to elect the nation’s first African-American president, Barack Obama. We’ve had some victories—health care, Hilda Solis—and some frustrations, too. And in-between, hundreds of thousands of UFCW members have participated in politics and policy issues like never before.

That’s why we want to hear YOUR story! Did you march on Washington for health care last June? Did you attend a rally in support of EFCA, or for good jobs in your community? Did you canvass for Joe Sestak or Bill Halter, or write a letter to your editor about Wall Street's greed or any other issue? Let us know! Tell us what you did and why, in a sentence or two, or a few paragraphs if you feel like it. Then send it to vote@ufcw.org. Send us pictures, too, if you have some. We love pictures! If your story is selected, we may feature it in Working America magazine or on one of our websites.

Thanks for all you do. This fall, let’s continue to fight for candidates who’ll fight for working families.

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