Jun 23, 2010

Walmart: The Face of Global Greed -- Brought to you by UFCW Canada

As part of UFCW Canada’s efforts to provide a strong voice for workers during the upcoming G20 Summit in Toronto, a forum was held Monday to open eyes to greedy corporate behavior. Titled, Walmart: The Face of Global Greed, this forum highlighted the global problems Walmart's practices cause.

The forum provided insight into how Walmart has built a global business model that profits by preventing workers around the world from making enough money to live and thrive. The presentation was part of UFCW Canada’s on-going response to the summit of the leaders of the world’s twenty largest economies in Toronto. The G20 summit takes place this weekend (June 26th & 27th,) and UFCW Canada plans to provide a voice for workers by holding events leading up to and during the summit.

Walmart: The Face of Global Greed brought together academics, activists, and unionists to discuss the affects Walmart’s practices have on people around the Globe. Dr. Nelson Lichtenstein, professor, historian, and highly acclaimed author, headlined the event with the keynote address.

Dr. Lichtenstein speaks to the crowd

You can watch Walmart: The Face of Global Greed and see all of UFCW Canada’s coverage and analysis of the G20 summit at http://www.gee20.ca/.

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