Jul 6, 2010

Mott’s censoring user input on Facebook page

Last week we asked you to stand in solidarity with Local 220 in Williamson, NY as they battled corporate greed at Mott’s and Dr. Pepper Snapple. You tagged Mott’s products in your local grocery store, handed out flyers, and showed support by uploading images and submitting words of praise and encouragement on Facebook.

There is no question that Mott’s has taken note of your participation. If you check out the Mott’s Facebook page you can see that the company has disabled the button that allows fans to upload photos. Mott’s has also deleted existing posts that display the image so many of you uploaded, even though it only expresses support for workers and says nothing about Mott’s as a corporation. Mott’s itself hasn’t even posted on its own page in over a month!

While Mott’s remains silent, hundreds of people are speaking up on behalf of our brothers and sisters. This week we challenge you to do the same. Get on Facebook and participate in the discussion. Join in the effort to let Mott’s executives know that what they are doing to workers, families and communities in Williamson is not right.

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