Aug 2, 2010

National Week of Online Action to Support Mott's Workers Starts Today

Today working families, activists, and community allies across the country are kicking off a coordinated week of online action to support the 300 Mott's workers and UFCW Local 220* members in Williamson, NY who were forced out on strike on May 23.

You've heard a lot about the strike since then - about how well Mott's and its parent company Dr. Pepper Snapple are doing, about the $1.50 an hour pay cuts and pension freezes the company wants workers to take, about the executives' refusal to come back to the bargaining table - but the bottom line is pretty simple: this is a story of corporate greed at its worst - but it is also a story of American workers taking a stand against a behemoth, fighting to keep the American dream alive in the face of formidable odds.

You can help these workers by both participating in and promoting online actions throughout the week. Whatever your medium of choice - or if you love to use them all - we are asking folks to engage in the following ways:

1) Blog: whether you post it on your personal blog or your organization's blog, writing about the strike will make a difference. You can reference some of the worker stories we'll be posting here, or highlight how successful Mott's and Dr. Pepper Snapple are, or talk about how the company is both using replacement workers and outsourcing work to other companies (essentially slapping a Mott's label on a different kind of applesauce) - just write about any and every part of this story that moves you.

2) Twitter:
  • Call out @Motts
  • Use the hashtag #justiceatmotts
  • Link to
  • Sample tweet: "I won't buy @Motts products until the strike in Williamson, NY is resolved #justiceatmotts"
3) Facebook:
  • Visit the Mott's Facebook page and tell the company you think what they're doing to workers is wrong. If you write a blog post, why not post the link to it on the Mott's page?
  • Update your facebook status with the following message: "To take a stand for working families, make this your status: I won't buy Mott's products until the strike in Williamson, NY is resolved. Mott's, owned by Dr. Pepper Snapple, forced 300 workers out on strike on May 23 and refuses to come back to the bargaining table. DPS stock is up 35% this year, but the company wants workers to take pay cuts of $1.50 an hour, in addition to slashed benefits."
4) Recruit your friends: In your various online communications, be sure to appeal to your readers to join in the online blitz.

Stay tuned all week for more information here - including a new video featuring shoppers who have decided not to purchase Mott's until the company does right by its workers.

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