Sep 6, 2010

UFCW President Hansen on Huffington Post, On Good Jobs

President Hansen has a Labor Day message for all Americans--a message about why we need to make sure the jobs of the future are good jobs. A new poll by Lake Research, sponsored by the UFCW, shows that Americans are concerned about the jobs of the future, and want to make sure that those jobs are the kind of jobs that can support a family and make America's economy strong and competitive.
It's up to all of us, workers, shoppers, community members, and political leaders, to ensure that economic policies provide the opportunity to make all retail jobs good, career jobs. According to the Lake poll, a majority of voters believe job growth must be good job growth. In a number of polls Lake Research has found that a key economic frame for Americans is to have good-paying job no matter what the sector. To make that happen we must actively engage in the policy decisions that guide economic growth and job creation, and we must correct the current wage gap so that as worker productivity increases paychecks also increase.
Read the oped--and preview of the poll results, which will be released soon--at the Huffington Post today. And Happy Labor Day to you and your families!

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