Nov 1, 2010

Tomorrow is Election Day--Vote and Make Your Voice Heard!

Every year, you're told that this is the most important election you'll ever vote in. That your vote counts more than ever this year. That this year, the difference between voting and not-voting could mean years of disastrous policies for the country.

Well, guess what? It's truer than ever this year. Your vote is of crucial importance to the future of this country. Will we continue to move forward? Or will we reverse course--just as our economy is starting to improve a little, just as we're beginning to correct the disastrous course set by the Bush administration?

President Obama and the Democratic Congress still has a lot of work to do, especially when it comes to job growth. But the alternative--a Congress full of far right and libertarian extremists, who'd like to abolish all government and let Wall Street run wild, who'd like to re-enact the very policies that led to the economic collapse in the first place--is unthinkable.

We can't go backwards. We have to keep making progress, moving forward, inch by inch, mile by mile--and the only way to do that is to vote on Tuesday to elect candidates that will fight for working families in this country. We have to vote on Tuesday for the candidates who'll fight to save our jobs and lift our economy. We have to vote on Tuesday for the candidates that stand for progress, because we can't afford to let this country slip again.

It's just too important this year to sit this one out. We have to vote. See you at the polls tomorrow!

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