Dec 7, 2010

Sign the Petition: Join UFCW and and Help A&P Workers Keep their Jobs This Holiday Season

Mary Ellen Scott, former A&P worker, says
her customers are devastated that she won't
be around to do their floral arrangements.
Just in time for the holidays, has generously joined in the effort to save the jobs of laid off Big Y and A&P workers, and to hold Big Y accountable for the kind of jobs they create in our communities. As Taylor Leake of writes:

The United Food and Commercial Workers, which represents 54,000 A&P workers across the country, has launched a campaign asking Big Y some tough questions about what they are doing, starting with the simplest: Why Big Y? The campaign is asking supporters to go on to Big Y's Facebook and Twitter accounts and ask them questions directly. Questions like: Why did Big Y refuse to hire back most A&P workers when it re-opened old A & P stores under the Big Y banner? and Why won't Big Y listen to loyal A & P shoppers — who’ve asked repeatedly for Big Y to re-hire the A&P workers who customers have come to regard as family?

It is always disheartening to see a company act like this, but it is even more upsetting because of the economic shape we're in, not to mention the jobs crisis. If you don't want to see Big Y dismiss these employees for no good reason, log on to their Facebook and Twitter pages (make sure you use the #whybigy hash tag on Twitter) and ask them why they're doing it. You can also sign this petition which will send Big Y an email, asking them these tough questions and telling them they should respect their workers.
Please join members and workers around the country in signing the petition and asking the question: Why, Big Y?

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