Feb 16, 2011

Wisconsin Roundup: Working Families, Superbowl Champs Fight Back Against Attacks on the Middle Class

Yesterday, tens of thousands of people joined together at the Wisconsin state capitol to protest Governor Scott Walker's damaging proposal to strip state employees of their collective bargaining rights and his outrageous threat to call out the National Guard in the event that state workers strike or rise up in protest. The draconian measure is set to be voted on as early as tomorrow, and emergency lobby days and rallies are continuing throughout the day today.

Here's a roundup of news about yesterday's impressive response to Governor Walker's anti-worker agenda:
  • Current and former members of the publicly owned 2011 Superbowl champions, the Green Bay Packers, issues a statement of support and solidarity with Wisconsin public employees, urging the Governor and the State Legislature NOT to take away their rights.
  • Check out this video of more than 10,000 protesters taking on the Governor.
  • Melissa Ryan has a great twitter feed with live updates about the actions, including some amazing pictures. You can also follower her list of bloggers covering the protests, and her Wisconsin unions and allies list.
  • Madison students walked out of school to protest the cuts and some walked nearly 3 miles to the capitol to join the demonstrations. After the marathon hearing on the bill (which lasted until 3 a.m.), many students spent the night in the capitol in solidarity. Today Madison schools are closed district-wide, as students and teachers flock to the capitol to make their voices heard.
  • Reporters all over the country are taking note of the Wisconsin uprising, including the Washington Post's Harold Meyerson, who writes in his column today that, "Workers toppled a dictator in Egypt, but might be silenced in Wisconsin."
  • Here's a great set of photos of yesterday's protests - more to come!

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