Mar 25, 2011

Nearly 150 UFCW Members Converge in Columbus to Lobby OH Legislators on Issues Important to Working Families

On Wednesday, nearly 150 UFCW members from all across Ohio joined together at the statehouse in Columbus to lobby their state legislators on issues affecting working families.

Members from UFCW locals 1059, 75, RWDSU, and the Chemical Workers Council visited nearly 60 State Representatives and around 30 State Senators, talking with lawmakers about SB 5, HB159, and HB61, all harmful pieces of legislation that attack Ohio working families. UFCW members also talked in depth with legislators about Governor Kasich's "no new jobs" budget, letting them know why Kasich's agenda is wrong for Ohio.

Later in the day, Local 75 was recognized on the Senate floor, and several representatives, including Representative Connie Pillich and Representative Mike Foley stopped by to join UFCW members during lunch and thank them for their hard work.

You can see pictures from UFCW's lobby day here:

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